Stella Maris, Our Lady Star of the Sea is the guiding Star of the John Paul II Millstone weblog - that chronicles the reasons why John Paul II must never be called a 'saint' - by American children in American lips and American soil. St. Michael tied a millstone around JPII's neck and cast JP2 deep into a raging sea and Our Lady guards that sea so that no child will fall into it as it is filled with the John Paul II Pedophiles Rapists-Priests Army whom JP2 covered-up and enabled for 26 years!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Our Lady of Fatima, October 13, 1917

John Paul II makes Mary weep with Rachel

Today is the feast of the apparition of the Blessed Mary with her Infant son, a boy, Jesus, in Fatima.

Yes, other than the victim, only a Mother could share the sorrow inflicted upon her son or daughter. Imagine the thousands of mothers who continue to suffer today because their little boys were sexually abused by the JPIIPP army - John Paul II Pedophile Priests -- covered up for 26 papal years by Pope John Paul II, Cardinal Joseph Ratizinger, now Benedict XVI, and Cardinals and Bishops worldwide.

With these thousands of mothers as it was with Rachel, Mary weeps for her little sons, thousands of little altar and innocent boys -- crucified by Pope John Paul II on his “Altar of Sodomy” in the 20th Century A.D.

“A voice was heard in Ramah, wailing and loud lamentation, Rachel weeping for her children (boys only); she refused to be consoled, because they are no more.” 1 A.D. (Matthew 2:18 )

Mary, the Mother of Christ beseeches us to use our talents and voices to inform the world of John Paul’s dereliction to duty, his abandonment of the victims and the protection he afforded his abusing priests, his Bishops and Cardinals who participated in the cover up of the greatest sex abuse scandal in the history of modern era.

God gives us the grace to outlive and speak the truths about John Paul II – because God wanted us to have the final say. Therefore, we must use that grace together with Our Lady who is full of grace, and until our last breath, we must defy John Paul’s beatification and canonization process.

No little boy, especially American boys, should ever call him “saint”, not in this generation or generations to come.

Our Lady of Fatima and Star of the Sea - the sea where the millstone tied to John Paul II's papal neck is thrown deep - deliver us from evil and the Vatican deception of having ever to call John Paul II a "saint"......

Compare these USA Crimes and their Victims:

Victims Timeline Attackers Responsible Leaders

Pearl Harbor 3,000 2 hours 170 planes Admiral Yamamoto

WTC & 9/11 attacks 5,000 2 hours 19 Muslims Osama bin Laden

Priest Pedophilia 12,000 27 years 5,128 priests Pope John Paul II

If John Paul II and the USCCB are not accountable, then who?

See The John Paul II Millstone

Photos of Fatima

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Deliver Us From Evil:
Lions Gate Entertainment:

See the movie "Deliver us from Evil"

Clergy abuse film targets LA cardinal

By GILLIAN FLACCUS, Associated Press WriterThu Oct 5, 5:23 PM ET

The defrocked priest is by turns remorseful and flippant as he recounts in graphic detail a lifetime of sexually abusing children. Then, near the end of "the most honest confession of my life," he turns to the movie camera to wink and smile at his victims.

Oliver O'Grady's confession is the backbone of a deeply disturbing documentary about the Roman Catholic clergy abuse crisis in one rural Northern California diocese — a tale all the more unsettling because, for the first time, it is told in the words of an abusive priest himself.
O'Grady, 61, was deported to his native Ireland in 2001 after serving seven years in state prison for molesting two brothers. He has admitted abusing at least 25 children, and cost the Diocese of Stockton millions of dollars to settle civil sexual-abuse lawsuits.

In "Deliver Us From Evil," first-time filmmaker Amy Berg uses O'Grady's lengthy narrative to question how much diocese leaders knew about those crimes and the steps they took to stop the charming young priest who was nicknamed Father Ollie.

The unrated film, which won best documentary at the Los Angeles Film Festival, opens in Los Angeles and New York on Oct. 13, with a broader release in at least 10 more markets two weeks later. It has been picked up by Lions Gate Entertainment.

The film focuses on O'Grady's relationship with Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony, who was his bishop in Stockton in the early 1980s when O'Grady confessed to at least one instance of molestation. Mahony is now struggling to settle hundreds of sexual abuse cases against the Los Angeles Archdiocese, which may also be under investigation by a criminal grand jury (authorities won't say if proceedings are taking place).

Berg opens the film with O'Grady praying, surrounded by candles. He is pensive and quiet as he reflects on his 22-year career in the Diocese of Stockton and the trail of pain he left behind.
"I am here because I recognize in my life there has been a major imbalance mainly caused by what I have done in a criminal way," O'Grady says. "Basically what I want to say to them is, you know, it should not have happened. It should not have happened."

The film then moves through a series of gut-wrenching interviews with several of O'Grady's alleged victims and their parents that hint at the depth of betrayal they feel. O'Grady has previously said in court depositions that he began abusing others when he was 12 and at one point had sex with two of his victims' mothers to gain access to their children.

These interviews are stark, edited in a no-frills style that contrasts with the more choreographed shots of O'Grady, who is often seen from above or far away as he sits in church or a children's classroom. There is no narrator, but Berg relies on interviews, clips of court testimony and documents to set a critical tone.

In one scene, a father stares at the camera, his face contorted in rage and pain, and screams that he no longer believes in God as his 40-year-old daughter — O'Grady's first known victim — sobs next to him.

Berg, 36, is unapologetic in her harsh critique of the church leadership, particularly Mahony. She acknowledges that during interviews O'Grady often acted "like a 7-year-old child," but says that most of what he told her was supported by documents from his private personnel file.

When he was bishop of Stockton two decades ago, Mahony supervised O'Grady and transferred him to a rural parish after the priest confessed to his therapist in 1984 that he had molested a 9-year-old boy. Following the confession, Mahony ordered O'Grady to undergo a psychological evaluation.

Mahony, who appears briefly in the film through videotaped deposition testimony, declined to be interviewed for the documentary and for this story. He has said, however, that police could not corroborate O'Grady's confession and declined to press charges.

O'Grady continued to abuse children at his new posting in rural San Andreas. He was removed from the priesthood in 1993 after being arrested on separate molestation charges.

In the movie, the defrocked priest insists that Mahony knew of his pattern of abuse and went as far as to call him personally in 1984 to reassure him no charges would be filed.

"He was very supportive. You know, he was very compassionate," O'Grady says of Mahony. "I felt at the time he was merely calling to check how I was doing, because he obviously knew I had been very stressed out over the situation."

Los Angeles Archdiocese spokesman Tod Tamberg has seen the film and called it an "obvious anti-church hit piece" about a man who manipulates everyone around him.

"It wasn't much of a documentary if you ask me. The bottom line of it all is the willingness of everybody to believe the word of a convicted child molester," Tamberg said. "He fooled his bishop, he fooled his therapist, he fooled the families and yet for some reason people seem willing to put that all aside and say, 'I believe him now,' with his weird little grins and winks."
Berg, a former television journalist, says she first considered making a documentary about the clergy abuse crisis after reporting on the story for KCBS-TV in Los Angeles and CNN.

When Berg finally convinced O'Grady to go on camera after five months of phone interviews, she was surprised at how bitter he seemed about the church leadership he claims protected him for years. He now lives in Thurles, Ireland in the shadow of the seminary where he once trained for the priesthood.

"O'Grady's slumming it, basically. He's living on nothing and these guys are living in all their glory and I think it upsets him," Berg said. "His story kind of burned a hole inside of him and he's been looking for an outlet. He's got so much to say."

October 13, 2006 Feast of Our Lady of Fatima

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